About Me

I’ve been deeply interested in astrology since childhood, keenly interested in the astrological placements of friends and family.  Having had many weird and mystical experiences, but also possessing a logically inclined mind, my relationship with astrology was typically an ambivalent one. As a child and as a teenager it presented itself as a fascinatingly accurate window into the strengths and weaknesses of my own psyche, and the natural chemistry I would encounter with some people, but not others. Even so, I rationally concluded it must all boil down to confirmation bias or some other quirk of imperfect human thinking.

At age 13, I was suddenly plunged into a deeper dimension of life, experiencing NDE induced Samadhi in the process of a car accident that took my beloved mother’s life.  The subsequent experiences of Samadhi and deep grief ultimately propelled me to pursue Enlightenment in as energetic and focused way as I could.  In my last year of High School I endeavored to live as a monk in my own home, meditating around 6 hours a day in an attempt to reconnect with the profound mystical experiences that the NDE had brought me into.  My quest ultimately led me to a profoundly effortless and powerful meditation technique called the Ishayas’ Ascension and a one-pointed monastic environment designed to facilitate the quickest possible growth in Awareness.  Shortly thereafter I became a teacher of the practice and remain so to this day. The practice profoundly changed my life, ultimately bringing about the permanent experience of Samadhi.

The state of spiritual awakening brought with it some interesting effects. Instead of viewing life as a random and chaotic series of disparate events, I began to experience the Universe as a living, and unfolding Awareness. This Consciousness unfolds through certain patterns and archetypes, that manifest from the subtlest layers of creation to the everyday comings and goings of our seemingly small human lives. This is the music that moves our lives even when we can't name the tune. 

When I returned to its study, I quickly realized that Astrology weaves these archetypal threads into a profound and coherent living language of light. After a period of formal training and deep study I began offering readings on a professional basis. It's my deep pleasure to serve my clients by illuminating the path of their own archetypal journey through the ancient language of Astrology.