"I feel blessed to have connected with Thomas (Ishtar); he feels like a long lost brother I knew only minutes ago. I immediately recognized him and in an instant decided to have an astrology reading with him; and though it was ostensibly about astrological cycles and transits, his visionary capacity took us into much deeper territory. He has an amazing ability to merge into the planets and speak for them, as well as to merge into past life patterns and to see how they are being forwarded into the now. His knowledge is vast and his attitude is compassionate and humble. I sense he uses the chart as a touchstone to feel into current patterns and processes that come from one’s true soul desires and destiny. I am impressed with how succinct and clear he is—and I recommend counseling with him very highly."

—Penney Peirce, author of Transparency, Leap of Perception, and Frequency

“A session with Ishtar is like having someone reflect back to you so many unspoken yet deeply known self truths. His insights and intuitive hits clearly reach beyond the scaffold of astrology, and if you are a wordsmith like me, you will fall in love with the way he languages your soul.”

Lori Ann Lothian ~ Vancouver, Canada


“Meeting Ishtar inspired me to get a reading. The resulting conversation was quite unique. While based on a detailed look at the birth chart, he followed its threads into the deep past. The result was a grand and unexpected perspective of my life and practical advice that could be applied immediately. A friend later shared their reading and it was very different in perspective. Ishtar has a gift you'll not find anywhere else.”

David Buckland- Vancouver Island, Canada

Author of “Our Natural Potential” www.davidya.ca


“Ishtar is a gifted channel and his reading was spot on. I’ve had many astrological readings, but he pointed out some things that had never been illuminated before. His intuition is sharp and his heart is huge. There were many uncanny messages and impressions that I received which were unique to me and meaningful. I highly recommend his work.”

Sarah Taylor ~ Los Angeles


“I came to Ishtar for a natal chart reading in light of my first Saturn return after years of my own intensive self study and analysis of my chart and the charts of other and I am blown away and oh so grateful for the greater depth of understanding I came away with. His enthusiasm and care for ensuring a full expression of my chart were palpable as he used symbolism and metaphor to create highly intuitive and developed imagery, stirring a tangible energetic shift in the understanding of my self. Ishtar has developed his own style of bringing to life the birth chart and it is evident he uses his vast stores of wisdom to enhance his astrological readings, going far beyond the typical cookbook sun/moon/ascendant interpretations.  I've come away from this reading with a clearer, more focused path on my evolutionary journey, and I will surely be checking in with him again for the many transits and progressions of my natal chart.”

Carol Ann ~ Alberta, Canada

"My reading from Ishtar was incredibly insightful. He was able to clarify aspects of my life and personality in a way that helped me understand my own bigger picture. His deep knowledge of astrology was obvious and clear, but also his intuitive hits were equally enlightening. I have been wanting my chart read for a long time, and I could not have asked for more!"

Amy Shute- N. Carolina