“Life is a journey. Astrology is a map.”


About Astrology

There are no good charts and there are no bad charts. The chart doesn’t reveal a sinner from a saint, a "success" from a "failure". It doesn’t determine whether you are going to gain Enlightenment or otherwise.  It’s a map for navigation, revealing the general tides of a life, the prevailing winds of the soul, the hidden currents of the psyche, unforeseen rocks of karma, and the kinds of lessons we will face again and again until we've mastered them. A deep understanding of one’s chart gives us the insight to make life easier by catching those winds with sails, effortlessly gliding with the currents, and taking timely steps to gracefully avoid the rocks. Astrology is an amazingly effective tool for clearly seeing the way to one's fullest potential.

Astrology is a kind of map of the journey through life. The signs, planets, and houses are archetypal patterns that combine to form a very specific individualized picture (the birthchart) of how the symphony of the universe plays through the dance that is your life. The birth chart is a window into the soul and the psyche. It’s a map of the patterns that play out and the archetypal energies that have the most pronounced roles. Like a fingerprint, it’s rather unique to the individual- a highly personalized out-picturing of one’s spiritual and psychological tendencies, possessing clues to creating a life of optimal happiness, abundance, and joy.

The style of astrology I practice can be called Evolutionary Astrology. Simply put, the aim of my Astrological work is to assist my clients in bringing about their greatest personal evolution, happiness, and fulfillment in the shortest amount of time. The chart can reveal ways of transcending self-defeating patterns, minimizing karmic pitfalls, accentuating strengths and talents, and accessing hidden wellsprings of energy, creativity, bliss, and love.